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Winter To Spring At The Victory Trailhead


The change of seasons and emergence of rain bring quite the transformation to the rolling hills of the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon. Winter to Spring, grey to green, dry to lush. The green of these hills are unreal and excite the eyes. Endless rolling hills that can be explored for miles and miles. Interloping trails and intertwined paths that can make a journey endless. Enjoy this visual transformation of this landscape and go check out this place out before summer hits again and dries these hills out again.

 Hiking Guide can be found here: http://www.modernhiker.com/2015/03/04/hiking-the-victory-trailhead-loop/


Taken 1/7 Clouds moving after recent rains.



Taken 1/7 Birds flying over hills.


Trees and hills come back to life. Green starting to emerge


Hiking the trails.

There are miles and miles of interwoven trails here at Upper Las Virgenes Canyon. Many are unmarked created by some off trail adventurers. The softness of the hills allows for some cool off-trailing ventures, but make sure you wear pants, the dry branches can cut your ankles.

Next visit , photos taken on 1/20


Green has filled in more in the hills.


Grey and Green mix.


During spring and the beginning of summer these hills become a very pleasant sight. The landscape views in every direction are endless and the colors of the trees and hills really pop. A photography favorite.

These next photos were taken on 1/27.


Green almost completely dominant.



Surreal hills.

If you make it out here, let us know here or on Instagram.com/lahikes

The potential for photos here are unlimited. Enjoy and stay hydrated.

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