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Vista Hermosa Park, An Urban Hike For all Ages

Even as a long time resident of LA, I still find some places that happen to be absolutely amazing. Vista Hermosa Park came across as a hidden gem in the backyard of Downtown Los Angeles. “Vista Hermosa” translates to Beautiful View, and trust me, it definitely keeps to its name. An easy hike trough the local trails of this park, where we found the most stunning views of the Los Angeles Skyline. With plenty of grass to hold a picnic, this might be the next place youd want to explore, relax or take a nap.

Parking: (oh the views begin)


Parking is easy to find copy and paste these coordinates into google maps: 34.061813, -118.258156

If this lot is full, you can also park on the uphill streets right next to the lot.

The Hike:

From the parking area, you will see a small staircase and trails leading from the pavement, take these routes to find the most visible place of the LA skyline. An iconic bench with views of Downtown Los Angeles should be your stop to rest and take it all in.


A gate lining the trails of the park.

With very little incline and well maintained trails, this is a hike that can be completed with little struggle. Trails surround the park in a loop fashion and can be taken to complete the hike and start where you parked.

As you hike through the trails of this park, you may forget you’re just minutes away from Downtown.


Beautifully aligned and well-kept trails.

In no more than 2 minutes you’ll arrive at the iconic bench, where views can not be matched.


Take a seat, you wont regret it.


As you make you’re way down the trail again, you’ll be met with another array of enclosing trails.


The way back.

Enjoy this park and all it’s beauty. A hidden gem of Los Angeles waits for your arrival. Take advantage of our spring season, before the heat sets in.

A few things to note:

  • A park ranger may approach you if you are holding a camera, they have been trained to let people know that if they would like to take photos for business use, they must get a permit from the city. But if you are taking photos for personal use, you are okay.
  • There is a play area for children in this park.
  • Botanical signs describe the local flora of Los Angeles that may be worth reading.


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    I would like to know where the waterfall from your post on March 23 via Instagram is. Directions, distance and access points would be greatly appreciated.

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      Hey Nick, I just sent out another batch to the recent subscribers. If you signed up for the list you should have gotten it. If not I can email you directly, thank you.

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