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Urban Spots on The Aliso Canyon Trail

Aliso Canyon Park is a nice 2 mile trail that hikes through a canyon leading to Porter Ranch. This hike is an out and back hike, which means you’ll be hiking 2 miles to the end and two miles back. Dogs are allowed on leash on this trail as well as biking and horse riding. There are also some secret urban spots that this place holds, which can be great for photography, they are filled with graffiti and urban art.

Hike Stats: 

Time: 2 hours

Distance: 4 miles total (2 miles out and back)

Difficulty: 2/10

Elevation Gain: 250 feet

Dog Friendly: Yes

Parking: There is a designated small parking lot for this park. Heres the address and map.

[mappress mapid=”15″]


The trail begins with the crossing of a bridge that brings you on the hike.


If you turn left you’ll be able to explore a tunnel system filled with urban art. If you’re into graffiti you might want to check it out. To find it you must go left after the bridge and continue for a minute until you see a trail going down to your left and take this path down. The path is cramped, watch out for stray branches.


You’ll be able to find the tunnel, but watch out it is filthy with spray paint bottles and trash.



After you’re done checking out this tunnel, you can head back the way you came and continue on the trail.


The trail will quickly take you out of the surrounding buildings and head into a thickness of trees. The vibe of the trail really changes and becomes a bit more scenic.



As you move past the wooded areas of the trail, the views open up a bit and you would be able to spot some million dollar houses on the ridge of the mountain.


At this point you are halfway done with the trail, with one more cool photography spot coming up on the left of the trail.

Not many people know about the old Aliso Canyon Wash, a huge piece of concrete that has been sprayed with colors and hues to create some images on the slabs. On the trail you will see an opening to the wash looking like this:


There will be water running down the wash, so be careful of slipping. If you do decide to enter it is not easy and requires time to work through the brush and logs. But what waits you is an awesome site.

IMG_0396As soon as you’ve explored this navigate back to the trail to finish up the last stretch.

All that remains is a steep uphill climb in order to gain some nice views on the Reseda. As soon as you’ve hiked up to reseda, you have completed the trail, not head back down to get back to the starting area, Enjoy!


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