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Trails of Deukmejian Wilderness Park

Deukmejian Wilderness Park is the poster child for hiking in the suburbia of La Cresenta. Easily accessed off the 210 freeway, a highly rated hike, which can be challenging for all levels of hikers, but at the same time, offers moderate trails for slightly experienced hikers. You’ll gain views of Burbank’s Verdugo Mountains all the way to the Los Angeles skyline while getting lost in the Glendale mountians. Loose rocks and dirt are a mainstay of this trail making slipping very likely, so when you’re heading back down be careful, gravity can be a bitch.

Hike Stats:

Difficulty: 5-9/10

Distance: 2.4 miles, with room for extension

Time: About 2 hours, or longer if extended

Elevation Gain: Approx 400 feet or more

Dog Friendly: Yes

Parking and Parking Lot Address:

Parking at this park is free, plenty of spaces and starts you right in the beginning of the trail.


Because there is no given or clear address to the parking lot, the GPS coordinates to this parking lot are:

34.2494037, -118.2540914

[mappress mapid=”13″]

Trail Write-Up:

You’ll begin on a paved road for the first few minutes then as the road transitions to dirt the mountains embrace the path. Look to your left and right and you’ll see trails father up the mountain, which are a viable option.


The incline for the first main trail begins right away. Experienced hikers will shrug the incline off, but beginner hikers may have to take a break once in a while. As you feel the loose rocks roll under your soles it can be slightly annoying to hike on this rugged road. Bring the proper footwear to take on this hike, shoes with grip. Here’s a photo of the loose rocks on the main trail.


On this hike there are three different main trails that have ranging difficulties. When you see an old rusted gate and the path splitting two ways, you will have an option of which trail to take.


The most difficult trail of the park can be accessed through the riverbed, it’s access point is earlier than the old rusted gate, so if you came this far you know you missed it.  The entrance is easy to spot if you look for it. You will gain tremendous views so expect to test your hiking endurance and skill, this is for experts. You will be able to hike up to Mt. Lukens on the Cresenta View Trail. Here are some distant shots taken of this steep trail. Approx 6 miles round trip.


It’s simply strenuous and steep, but why not try it.

The center trail past the rusted gate is the easiest, will take you deeper into the mountains and will give you some stunning views on the way back.


The one to the left is moderate, with immediate inclines, but sweeping views of the LA skyline and the Verdugo Mountains. This time around we took the left path, then the center main path, which are both out-and-back hikes. We will cover the difficult Mt. Lukens for another hike at another time.


At some point if you took to the left, the trail splits again into two sections, after an initial incline. If you take the steeper path which leads on for another .4 miles it will give you better views than the more leveled trail. Or take the level path, which also dead ends about .5 miles, but is easier. Heres the end of the more level trail.


Along the trails and at the end of one of trails on top of the hill there is this dog bowl which can replenish your furry companion.


The views from the top can’t simply be ignored. Downtown from behind mountains.


The trails of this park are numerous and split in many places to explore new areas. Whatever trail you might take, just know you’re going to find some wonderful views in every direction. Even though it was fall time, it was refreshing to see some natural green landscapes.


It’s  possible to explore all the trails in this park, but expect to spend many hours here and to do this your hiking endurance must be top-notch.


Deukmejian is great hike open to the public sunrise to sunset. Take a well-deserved rest at the end of the hike or enjoy lunch at the end of the journey. This nice park at the beginning of the hike is a great place to relax.IMG_0075

We would love to see some of you make it out and here and show us some of your shots and tag us if you visit, enjoy shooting and embrace your environment. Have a good hike.

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