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Train Tunnel Behind Chatsworth Park

Behind Chatsworth Park are the Santa Susana Mountains, a series of hiking trails exists here. An occasional train can be heard and seen crossing under Tunnel #2 near the park. The graffiti highlights the decay over the years and creates a haunting presence. A suitable haunting presence where a few previous deaths occurred in and around the tunnel. In 1990 a man was stabbed in the tunnel and found later by day hikers. There are also reported deaths due to the train and people entering the tunnels. Entering the tunnel is very dangerous since the train comes about every 45 minutes, it’s practically an accident waiting to happen. If you happen to stumble upon the tunnel, just observe from a safe distance and scramble up on the rocks above.

Location of the tunnel:

Tunnel can be found somewhere behind Chatsworth Park North. Exact location will not be released to avoid liability concerns. Just go hike!


Boulder fields and more trails behind the park.

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