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The Sunken City – San Pedro

What’s Important: 

Easy to miss entrance

Slippery slope down

Great Views and Urban Art

Great for Photos


The Sunken City in San Pedro is a combination of artsy graffiti styles and urban decay. Huge blocks of concrete slabs litter the coastline, while hipsters and a mostly young crowd dwell in this area.


History: This area was created by a devastating landslide in 1929, which tumbled houses and streets into the forbidding ocean. On the rocky beach, slabs and iron make their last stopping place. Onlookers have taken over this area as they ignore the forbidden signs. Here graffiti lines the walls of the landslide:


Parking Directions: Find parking around this address: 4121 S Carolina St

Directions: To make your way into this area, park on either shepard st. or the coastal south carlina st. Find your bearing and locate the sunken city trail (look towards the coastline and locate South Carolina St). This is a very short trail, which is mainly lined with a greenish gate. Continue on this trail while examining this gate. In the middle of the trail there should be an opening, It is hard to miss, but look for the wire around the fence. Its there keep looking, . Here’s a picture:


Trail Condition: Expect lots of trash, including spray paint bottles, water bottles and cardboard. Also expect your shoes to get dirty, so bring a pair of sneakers or nike’s you won’t mind getting dirty.

Now that you’ve entered the gate, begin to feel free to roam around. Expect lots of activity, and take note that the trail down can be slippery. Explore the area and enjoy. While you are there, make sure to check out the art from the local artists:

IMG_20150630_153436 IMG_20150630_154616Now Begin your journey down into The Sunken City of San Pedro.


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