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Haunted Themed Los Angeles Hikes

From strange history to cultist activity in our mountains, these hikes have been the setting of some seriously creepy happenings. Scare your friends with these seriously creepy spots. The history that happened around these locations are real. The photos below will show you what you are in store for.

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The Manson Family Cave – Chatsworth


The year was 1969 when Charles Manson and his occultist family lived out in the hidden hills of Chatsworth. They lived on a property called Spahn Ranch and hung around the nearby Manson Family Cave. This ominous trail was hiked by the family many times before and during they committed their cult murders. Today, the unnamed trail is part of the Santa Susana Historic State Park.

Pumpkin Rock – Norco


The Perfect October Hike is just over an hour away from Los Angeles. This festive rock in Norco CA, is a short hike with a big reward. This giant pumpkin, well known to the locals, can be seen from miles away from the horse trails of Norco, part of the inland empire. A bit father from LA, but worth the drive!

Murphy Ranch Trails – Rustic Canyon


Found on the Rustic Canyon trail of Murphy Ranch. Above image also from Murphy Ranch

The abandoned buildings of Murphy Ranch, once a part of a Nazi sympathizer compound, now wait to be explored. It very likely you’ve heard of this hike. But it’s also likely you haven’t found all the abandoned buildings or hiked all the trails of Murphy Ranch. There is a dark forest in Rustic Canyon with more buildings and art. Explore the forest, but you will have to dodge branches, jump over the creek and avoid the mud of Rustic Canyon.

The Dawn Mine – Altadena


Inside the Dawn Mine.

Exciting and dark tunnels await those who can find them. Complete pitch blackness illuminated only by the light source you bring into these tunnels. It’s completely creepy walking through the many caverns. Water in the entrance then you hit land. At one point you will see a 50-foot black abyss filled with water. This was dug by the miners to collect the water in, but over the years the water has darkened by the minerals. Experience the old gold mine that is the Dawn Mine.

Chatsworth Park Tunnel #2 – Chatsworth


*Beware* This tunnel is still being used by trains, STAY OUT AND STAY SAFE.

Multiple deaths have occurred because of this tunnel. In 1990 a man was stabbed in the tunnel and found later by day hikers. There are also reported deaths due to the train and from people entering the tunnels. It is also well known that Charles Manson and his family used to hang out here. The graffiti highlights the decay over the years and creates a scene for the would be adventurer. The location of this tunnel will not be released due to safety concerns.

The Enchanted Forest of Pasadena – Altadena


Deep inside the Enchanted Forest, ruins of water tunnel works.

Many people know about the Echo Mountain trail which visits the ruins of a hotel resort, but few venture into the creepy forest below. The Enchanted forest is located right next to the Cobb Estate, an area known for it’s paranormal activity and gruesome history. Many say they hear voices in the forest and feel as there are being followed, why not check it out yourself?

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    I used this article to take my 10-year-old son on the tour and we were both super spooked. Great fun and made for some awesome Halloween memories for years to come.

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