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The Grotto Trail to Mission Point – O’ Melvanny Park

O’ Melvanny Park holds a myriad of different and difficult trails all across this 672 acre park. Mission Point is the highest peak in this mountain range at 2771ft of elevation. The trail to this peak is mostly exposed, so this can be a very difficult hike to accomplish on a hot day. This hike is strait uphill and strenuous the whole way through, but a very worthwhile challenge.

Hike Stats:

Difficulty: 8/10

Distance: 4 miles (out and back)

Duration: 3 hours

Elevation Gain: 1500 ft

Dog Friendly: Yes

Parking Address: You can park in front of the park at:

17300 O’ Melvany Park granada hills

[mappress mapid=”18″]


Heres a photo of the parking situation, also extra parking on the streets.

Begin the hike by taking the main large path for a minute until you see these orange trees. Walk through to the other side and make a right to continue on this trail.


Orange Groves

You should see a stone wall and wooden fence that line your way. Enjoy this casual walk and new spring green, the casual walk is a stroll compared to the killer inclines up ahead.


Continue on the path for another few minutes and you will see the signage to the grotto trail on your left. Now take a left. Beware.


Where it begins.

In the distance you will be able to see the incline that approaches quickly. The first set of intense incline is in sight.


This photo does not do this incline justice.

After completing the first stage of intensity, already fantastic views are gained of the park and parts of the SFV.


The views distract your sore legs.

Take a breather at this part, stretch an extra bit and hydrate.


Check out the intensity of this stretch.


Silhouette of birds on break.

After taking a break (trust me you’ll need to), gather courage to challenge the next set of incline. At this part I saw many people turn back, hiking can be a daunting task.


Why they turned back. Feel free to take breaks.

After many break we accomplished these series of hills. It was difficult and tedious, the next incline led to another and another. But it was both rewarding in the cardio workout and views we gained when we turned around.


After climbing a bit more we were amazed how high up the trail had taken us already. About an hour in and only a half hour to go.


More views after completing difficult inclines.


Captured this couple and their dog on the hillside.


Yet another incline.

Finally at the top of the hill pictured above was another rest spot. Here was something a bit more interesting than the rest if the hike. A wooden box filled with notes chained to a tree. Very cool, pens left behind to leave your own notes.


Memory box.

At last we neared the end of the trail. The last hill is in sight along a rusted gate. There is one last push needed to summit Mission Point.


The last stretch.

After completing one of the hardest hikes of the SFV pat yourself on the back, because it is not easy. Amazing 360 views around the SFV and beyond. Enjoy it you earned it. Memorial on top of the hill for lost loved ones as well.


At this point take a nice break, you can make this hike longer by turning it into a loop and taking the O’ Melvanny trail back to the park, or make it a 4 mile out and back hike from the way you came.

If you have any questions about this hike leave it in the comments, thanks for tuning in!

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