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Hiking To The Bridge to Nowhere

Hiking to the Bridge to Nowhere is a must for any hiking enthusiasts living in Los Angeles. You’ll find yourself traveling through some of the most beautiful valleys of the San Gabriel Mountains from down to the river beds to the top of cliff sides. You’ll experience some river crossings and become enjoyably lost in the surrounding nature. It’s a massive journey just waiting to happen, and you won’t be disappointed by the scenery that will surround you. Travel with a group to live some unforgettable memories through nature. Bring plenty of water and a meal or two.

Hike Stats:

Distance: 10 miles (5 miles out and back)

Difficulty: 7/10 (long but not strenuous)

Time: 6 hours at a casual pace

Elevation Gain: 900 ft (up and down)

Dog Friendly: Yes

There’s plenty of parking in the parking lot, so it shouldn’t be full. Also on the upside parking is free and no adventure pass is needed. Here’s the address to park:


The beginning of the hike begins easy with little to no elevation gain or loss. You’ll find a map within 10 minutes of your journey. The map will detail all the different trails throughout the San Gabriel Mountains, and show you the path to the bridge.

Immediately, you will see the San Gabriel River to your left, a small remnant of its once glorious size. Unfortunately the drought has brought it down to an almost creek-like size. Here’s a dried up part of the river:


You’ll begin traveling through the trees lining your left and right, be very appreciative toward these clear and concise beginning routes, later on the routes become very uneasy to navigate. This doesn’t mean that the path becomes difficult, but rather it gets harder to follow.


The next section of the trail merges into the river and it becomes a very make your own path kind of thing, but remember you’re always following the river. If you ever become lost use the river as a guide back to the main path.


As you exit the beginning 1.5 miles of the hike the valley opens up, this is where you can really appreciate the vastness of the valleys. You’ll be seeing even more beautiful and vast views as you continue, the experience is nowhere near over.


Continue to walk the path, occasionally the path will gain in elevation, but not by a very steep amount. This hike is all about endurance, it’s basically a whole lot of walking through some of the most astounding sights, feel free to take a break anytime and take it all in.


The rest of the path quickly turns into a natural quarry-like element, with many loose rocks and dirt that line the path. Be very careful of loose rocks, when hiking and be weary of other hikers on your way. During the last stretch of the hike much of the hike along the ridge is a one-hiker lane path, which means you would have to move out of the way for other hikers coming your way.



At 5 miles of hiking you’ll finally arrive at the bridge, this took us about 2 and a half hours to get to this point. It’s quite a sight to behold and you’ll even have an opportunity to bungee jump off the bridge if you choose to take the chance. Its $120 to sign up and take the plunge, do it at your own risk.


Hang out here for a while and if you’re lucky enough you’ll spot some big-horn sheep on the mountainsides. We luckily found this large group of big-horn sheep!


Now all that’s left to do is turn back and take the path you came from back. This time you’ll have experienced it so it will be easier coming out, but remember to take many breaks and take care while hiking. Stay hydrated and have fun out there.



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