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Skyline Mntwy in the Verdugo Mountians

There was a lofty haze hanging around the Verdugo Mountains Friday morning. It was difficult to see where the next turn or bend of the path led; visibility was decreased to 20 feet. There was an eerie vibe surrounding these mountains, but it only brought along excitement on the hike. In making the accent, you could clearly see the haze rolling over the side of the cliff, creeping over like melting ice-cream falling off an end of a cone. In the end, we were glad we decided to take this unknown trail at such a perfect time of day.

Near the top of the mountain

Near the top of the mountain.

This isolated trail in Burbank is called Skyline Mountainway located in Burbank. Although it’s a very hidden trail, it’s easy to get to. This can quickly become a great hiking spot for those Burbankian locals looking for a quick hike and good workout with quick elevation rises.

Hike Stats:

Distance: roughly 3.5 miles (can be extended)

Dificulty: 5/10

Time: 2 hours

Elevation Gain: 900ft

Parking: The parking is easy enough park near 314 S Via Montana, Burbank

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The trail head can be seen on the map. It will look like you are entering someone’s backyard, but don’t fret, the trail starts just left of the palm tree. Here’s a picture of the start:


The quick escape from the bustling valley made this hike quite enjoyable. As you ascend you will be given a great panorama view of the Valley and be reminded of it’s grid-like vastness.


The hike only just begins and quickly becomes steep. As you keep going the trail turns right into the mountain and you quickly find yourself heading towards a trail far off into the distance.


During this time and type of day the tops of the mountains were quite hazed-out. It was impossible to see what was up there. About after a mile you will find yourself heading close and closer to the top. During at this point of the hike, visibility was steadily decreasing. The hazier it got the more fascinating the hike was, the trail was fading away, but the mystery evolved.



Although you will notice that this hike is one track path, it used to be an old fire-road that climbed up the mountain some time ago, the vegetation and new growth swallowed up the larger path.


In the fog there was this dead tree that had lost all of it’s leaves, it stood up like a pine but was very skinny and looked ominous. Although you can keep hiking this fire-road all the way through the mountains, we decided to stop at approximately 3.5 miles since there was not much more to see (literally).


Have a good time hiking this trail and enjoy the atmosphere it provides. Go early mornings or during a fog storm to replicate these eerie conditions and take some good pictures, we would love to see them! Tag us on Instagram!

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