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Secret Trail to Calabasas Peak

The Secret Trail to Calabasas Peak is an easy going trail that winds under forestry areas and open cliff-sides. It’s an enjoyable trail that will give you constant views of the Santa Monica mountains, while not being too difficult, a good trail for beginners to intermediates.

Hike Stats:

Difficulty: 4/10

Distance: 2.6 miles (out and back)

Duration: about 2 hours

Dog Friendly: Yes

Elevation Gain: 700 ft

Parking and Address: 

Parking is at 24360 mulholland hwy, Calabasas

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Heres a photo of the parking, a dirt stretch along Mullholland. Look for parking an easy to find stretch along the hwy.

It begins with an easy inclines then declines, and quickly be covered by surrounding greenery.


Near the beginning, the trail leading into the underbrush.


The underbrush really captures a dense feeling.

Enjoy the shade and hidden forest because it doesn’t last long, you’ll be out of it and into the sun again within 5 minutes.


And into the sun, it was quite muddy on this trip.

As you leave the underbrush continue on the trail, it will gain in some incline but not drastically. And open up onto the cliff where you will get some real views.


Cliffside of the trail.


Some Views and a beautiful house.

The trail winds back into the shade, but with more elevation gains. The whole trip was a steady increase in elevation coupled with some great ending views.


More Shade, More climbing

IMG_160745 minutes into the journey and not much of it left. At this point you will be able to see the sandstone structures that signify the top of Calabasas Peak. You’ll see the trail open up and leading back on top of the cliff.


Sandstone Structures in the distance.


These horses walk along the last stretch that leads to the final destination.

Arrived. Enjoy the scenery. The sandstone is quite the sight.


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