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Save The Millard Canyon Bear

After reading this article, If you care for the bear’s life, take a minute and sign the petition here.

UPDATE: The petition has reached over 600 signatures!

On Friday, June 24th a man was injured in his tent by a wild black bear in the Millard Canyon Campground. The man required about a dozen stitches to seal the wound to his head, from a scratch that the bear inflicted. Afterward, the bear fled the scene and was not able to be captured. Authorities are now hunting down the bear to euthanize it. They have already caught one bear in the area, but due to lack of culpability, the bear has been released.

Why answer an injury with a death of our native animals? And why not relocate the bear?

When you are exploring the outdoors, there are risks you face not present in an urban environment. Bears can be a real threat, and by deciding to camp, this man took a natural risk. So why should this bear be euthanized by his nature?



Authority closing Millard Campground after incident. Photo by cbsnews article “Bear detained, released after man attacked near L.A.

It is good the man is not more seriously injured and will hopefully fully recover. It could have been much worse. A human death may have triggered an onslaught to a native endangered wild animal and likely closed many more campgrounds. Because of this closure, you will not be able to hike Millard Canyon Falls or Dawn Mine.

So we are asking to halt the search to put the bear down and instead redirect the search to relocate the bear.

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