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Runyon Canyon Reopened, Park Improvements

Today, August 2nd, Los Angeles’ most popular trail reopened after a four month closure to fix a 100-year-old water pipe. Along the way the city has also made some improvements to the park, mainly water and road repairs. According to @abc7, the construction team came under budget by 1 million dollars and were ahead of schedule in reopening the park.

Here is a list of changes to the park that we noticed:

  • Completely repaved Runyon Cyn Rd
  • Newly added dog and human water faucets
  • Graffiti along the old pool wall has been repainted over

Completely repaved road to hike on. In case of emergencies this is a good way for the ranger or emergency service to get up the mountain if there is an injury.


New water faucets for dogs and people, about 4 or 5 located on the side of the paved road.



Repainted Pool house walls.

Looks like the city did the work on time and added some improvements, good job LA! Go hike Runyon and check out some of these changes for yourself!

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