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Trip Report: Red Rock Canyon State Park (Topanga)

In the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains Red Rock Canyon State park sticks out like a gem with the red tinted rocks and geological features of the park. The hidden red rock arch (above) can be found by exploring the many trails which split off from the main fire road. Take the fire road minutes in and be surrounded by the canyon walls upon entering in the park. A picnic table and bathroom wait at the trailhead. A gem of a hike in the city of Topanga.

Must Knows & Hike Stats:

Difficulty: Easy

Miles: 2 miles (or more if you choose)

Dogs allowed?: Yes On Leash

Parking (2 options): 5 dollar or free

Kid Friendly: Yes (stick to fire road)

Shaded: Partly


Option #1, free but with an extra 0.35 mile walk. Park on the dirt right off Red Rock Canyon Rd. at the intercection of Old Topanga Cyn. Rd. and Red Rock. Parking address is : 23130 Red Rock Road, Old Topanga

After parking farther down the road for Option 1, a sign appears telling you you’re going the right way.

Option #2, 5 dollar fee right at the start of the hike. (Skip out on exploring the mountain doorway). Parking address is: 23601 W. Red Rock Road, Old Topanga

Hike Walkthrough:

After finding your way to the trailhead, the main fire road takes the traveler to the surrounding walls of red tinted rocks. There are many options in exploring the surrounding cliffs and hills of red rock.

Entering the canyon.

On this trip we spent a lot of time traveling around the rocks, looking for the nooks and crannies and caves above. With no set destination, but with an explorers attitude, the many faint trails served their purpose finely. Found this mountain house in the beginning of the hike.

It looks as to have been carved out by whoever created this. Thoughts on this find?

A staircase leading above.

The fire road will serve as the home path throughout this park, return to the fire road after possibly going off trail or stick to the fire road to get in a workout. As we explored the side passages of the park we found the natural red rock arch then headed back to the fire road.

We decided to take the fire road again looking to catch the sunset in action. Heading up the fire road will extend the hike and push the hiker harder, the elevation gain will be felt here. Take the fire road up past the telephone poles and be greeted with a great view of the valley below.


Finally, the fire road extends left and right gliding across the ridge of the mountain. Take either way if you choose to extend the hike further, but this is where we stopped and in fading light we took our steps back to the car.

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