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Paradise Falls Hike

Wildwood Regional Park in Thousand Oaks holds many natural gems of the LA County. Paradise falls is the most famous spot in these mountainous areas, because of it’s beautiful cascading 40-foot waterfall. The trails to the waterfall are very well-maintained and there were rarely bits of trash or plastic bottles to distract you along your journey. The wonderful park sign in the parking lot even allows you to take and return a copy of one of their maps. These maps served extremely useful and allowed us to find Paradise Falls. This is a great family hike.

Hike stats: 

Distance: 2.2 miles (out and back)

Difficulty: 4/10

Elevation Loss: 250 feet (Up on way back)

Time: 2 hours

Dog Friendly: Yes

Parking Info and address:

Parking is completely free, theres plenty of parking on the dirt parking lot!

The address to park is:

998 W Avenida De Los Thousand Oaks

[mappress mapid=”12″]

Here’s the parking lot:


Not all hikes come with trail maps at the start, here’s a digital copy for your convenience:


The beginning of the trail is lined with huge boulders marking the borders of the huge fire road. It must have been quite the mission to get all these boulders in place, as they line the first trail for a quarter of a mile. But it does set quite the scene.


After the route lined with boulders, you’ll see the trail split curving left and also continuing strait. There are many ways to reach the waterfall, these trails are like a spider’s web across these mountainous plains. The quickest and simplest path is the one I will outline for you. There are also many signs that will lead you in the general direction of the falls.


After the initial split another opportunity to curve left on the main trail comes, take this trail it will lead you to a Teepee structure constructed at the park


Hang out at the teepee and take a breather if you need it, although getting down to the teepee and the falls is all a downhill trek. When you return the downhill trek will turn into a upward climb. Keep this is mind, and take some breaks when needed.


From the teepee you’ll see a wonderful view of the rolling hills of thousand oaks.


Take the path you see in the view and continue downwards until you reach the wooden handrails as the hike relaxes. At this point you are very close to the falls and will be able to hear them. Loved this part of the park it almost looks like a nature resort. This is a great spot to eat lunch while you hear the roaring of the falls behind you.


From this point continue and use the sound of the falls as your guiding direction. This shot was taken from the opposite side of the trail and captures the immensity of Paradise Falls.


Where you see the rocks below is where you will first see the falls, wrap around to gain this amazing view. Enjoy, would love to see your posts, tag us and stay hydrated.

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