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Our Top 5 Hikes of 2015

5. Rocky Peak


Views along the rocky peak trail.

Rocky peak will lead you on a journey through the hills of Simi valley and give you spectacular views of Simi valley and the SFV. It begins moderately difficult with a uphill climb, but then evens out and becomes easier. The valleys of this hike are filled with huge boulders and small caves along the trail which are fun to check out. Look out for rattlesnakes during the summer when they comes out. Also what should be noted is that the trail is very run down due to rains over the years so bring some shoes with grip. You can check out the blog here.


4. Malibu Creek State Park


Century Dam at Malibu Creek.

This hike must be on this list. The views and scenery you will find at Malibu Creek State Park will leave you speechless. During the spring there are constant fields of green that run over the hills and valleys. There is much to do here including jumping into rock pools, but be careful the drought has made many of the pools shallow. The trails that run through the park are numerous an there are constant miles to explore here. Century Dam is one of the notables of this hike, shown above. Besides that you’ll find many more landscapes that will catch your eye. No hiking stats due to the numerous trails and loops this park has, we’ll get more specific with routes at another time. Blog released soon, sign up for the newsletter to be notified.

3. Murphys Ranch


Abandoned Barn, one of many destroyed structures at Murphys Ranch.


If theres and endangered hike list, this one would be on it. The structures that lie on this hike are in deep disrepair. This place is filled with graffiti, which has made this spot a popular spot to explore and take photos at. What makes this place special is the history behind it. This site was once a self-sustaining base that would serve as a headquarters of an American invasion if the Nazis would win WWII. Yes you heard right, at one point they had 50 individuals living and operating here under order from Germany in WWII. It wasn’t until Pearl Harbor did a swat team raided the base and captured the individuals. Check this one out for a cool and urban adventure. Complete blog soon, sign up for the newsletter to be notified.

2. Bridge To Nowhere


The Bridge To Nowhere found at the end of a 5 mile hike.

This total of a 10 mile hike will take you on a journey through the San Gabriel mountains. It’s a difficult hike but will lead you right through the valley to this bridge that leads to nowhere. Both ends of the bridge are covered by layers of dirt and have been for over 50 years. Due to the random landslides in the area, the bridge project was abandoned and now this bridge has become a great destination for hikers looking for a nice adventure. Dogs are allowed on the hike but they should be larger dogs due to the type of rugged terrain you will encounter. You can also bungee jump off the bridge if you so choose to. You can check out the blog here.

1. The Cave Of Minuts In El Escorpion Park


The Cave Of Minuts, climbing required for entry.

An amazing chimney cave that lies in secret in West Hills of the San Fernando Valley. It’s crazy how huge it actually is once you get inside of it. Overall great for photography and it will leave you speechless the first time you visit here. To get to the cave is an easy enough hike, except for the last portion. It’s a strait uphill climb with loose rocks and dirt which will make you slip. In the last section you will have to free climb and scramble into the cave itself. A fun trip for the adventurous, bring some friends to really show them a great location. Definitely our favorite. You can check out the blog here.

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