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5 Must See Seasonal LA Waterfalls

Los Angeles, a city not normally praised for it’s natural wonders actually pulls off with some surprisingly scenic waterfall locations. We are lucky to have received plenty of rain this 2017 season and because of that all the seasonal waterfalls have shown themselves. Make sure to visit these falls no later than late May to insure they are still flowing. The waterfall hikes on this blog capture some of the most accessible locations to any would-be adventurer in Los Angeles.

Waterfall list is current for 2017. Click photos to view Key stats, blogs & directions.

Escondido Falls – Malibu

Distance 3 Miles+ RT

Pictured above is Upper Escondido Falls, one of the most known seasonal waterfalls in the LA county. This waterfall has been dry since 2011 due to low rains, but the rains have rejuvenated the falls, if only for a short time. In the past there have been injuries related to hikers trying to get to the Upper Tier, and although the Upper Tier is more beautiful it’s not worth the price of an injury. Be cautious visiting the upper tier.

Millard Canyon Falls – Altadena

Distance: 1 Mile RT

This short hike in Altadena visits the site of 50′ falls shaded under the beautiful overgrowth of the Angeles National Forest. If you are in the mood to extend your hike to over 6 miles, continue on the trail which hikes above the waterfall and visit the Dawn Mine.

Newton Canyon Falls – Malibu

Distance: 1 Mile RT

Little known Newton Canyon in Malibu features a scenic 20 foot falls, which seems to escape the limelight of these other waterfalls. It’s a waterfall which has also been completely dry since 2011. The trail to the waterfall is lush and shaded, very easy and occasionally visited.

Trail Canyon Falls – Big Tujunga Canyon

Distance: 4 Miles RT

Once a hidden gem of the San Gabriel Mountains, the hike to Trail Canyon Falls has become slightly more crowded due to social media postings. @lahikes included, but we always tried to keep the location undisclosed. Unfortunately as soon as everyone started visiting here, this place became quite known. Anyways, the beautiful 4 mile hike gazes along amazing sights of the Trail Canyon located in Big Tujunga Canyon. The waterfall is 40 feet high.

Elsmere Canyon Falls – Santa Clarita

Distance: 4 Miles RT

Elsmere Canyon Falls in Santa Clarita is the most tucked away waterfall of them all. When beggining the Elsmere Canyon Open Space hike, one would not believe there to be a waterfall waiting at the end. The grasses hills and landscape is scenic enough for any visitor to enjoy the views as well as the reward. This waterfall is 20 feet high.

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