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Monkey Canyon – Angeles National Forest

Let me first get this stated, this is not an easy hike but watching the YouTube video and reading this page will get you prepared. The parking is on a dirt road and the trailhead is across the street, not easy to miss, look for the metal post. Overall, this hike is very fun in any season, but most fun in spring. Below is your guide.

Hike Stats:

Miles: 3 – 2.2 mi (depending when you turn back)

Time: About 3 hours

Difficulty: Fairly difficult but very doable

Configuration: Out and back (hike in, then turn back and retrace steps)

Shade: Somewhat during the beginning and the middle

Season: All

Elevation Changes: Roughly 800ft Descent, level ground on canyon floor, 800ft finishing Ascent.

Hike Description:

This hike is not a hike which had a typical trail, it is more of a hike sliding down tracks of dirt, which are sometimes steep and lead to the canyon floor. While the hike down is slippery, people over time have tied ropes to the branches and trees to help with the descent into the canyon. The main point of this hike is to descend into this beautiful canyon where there is wildlife and a lot of green growth fed by canyon stream. It is beautiful down there and even features a seasonal waterfall is the area deemed “Monkey Canyon”. Further into the canyon from Monkey Canyon is “The Narrows”, which is also a great sight to see, this is where we recommend turning back. Overall the toughest part is coming down and back up the steep part of the mountain. I advise footwear with grip and allocating 3 hours for an amazing adventure.


Click the coordinates or paste the address in phone app

Parking is on a dirt road off the Angeles Forest Highway located at these coordinates: 34.306995, -118.145716

Also can be found from this address: 23070 Angeles Forest Highway Palmdale, CA 93550

Parking Description: Parking is on a dirt oval shaped enclosure off the highway.

Guide and Photos:

Photos were taken from two different trip (spring and summer)

Trailhead location: The start of the hike is across the street from the parking address, look for the metal post and head down the trail.

The start of the hike immediately begins with a descent on a somewhat slippery slope guided with rope to the bottom of the canyon.


The start of the hike, a steep descent down.

An old and rusted car can be seen on the way down, there is graffiti all over the car and the surrounding rocks. It should be noted that a majority of the main canyon has a lot of spray-paint on it, but the narrows section is completely clean.


Vehicle we found, 10 minutes in.

When you make it down to the canyon using the trail, it’s like a mini rainforest. The hike is now next to a stream which feeds the forest around. Hike along the stream heading down stream.


Hiking along the stream at the bottom of the canyon, (Spring visit)

Continue hiking along the stream and enjoy the calmness of this portion of the hike. In about 25 minutes of hiking along the stream, you will begin to see the canyon opening up. At this point, Monkey Canyon is very close and the seasonal waterfall is also nearby.


Almost at Monkey Canyon.

The water fills up Monkey Canyon and can be a cliff jumping spot during the spring. During the summer, the water levels are low and the waterfall is not visible.


From this point, after observing the beautiful canyon, a ladder made out of metal can be spotted and taken down. TEST the ladder before trusting it. The ladder is the easiest and actually the safest way down into The Narrows. 15 – 20 minutes from the ladder The Narrows come into view.


Hiking to the narrows, they are coming into view.

Hang out in this spot or each a lunch and enjoy it. You can explore more into the canyon, there is more vegetation and views to see, but remember what you hike in, you what you must hike back.


The beautiful narrows of Monkey Canyon, this is the turnaround point.

After you got your fill of this beautiful area, turn back to get to the beginning. Enjoy the hike and stay hydrated.


    • Gary Kicks on 01/29/2017 at 21:16


    This Is So Fucked Up It Makes Me Sick In The Spring Of 1970 A Friend Of Mine Found And Gave Monkey Canyon It’s Name His Name Was BILL MARSHALL Sadly He Died About 10 Years Later. There Used To Be A Tower With A Cable Car And A Ladder To Get To The Bottom There Was No Trash No Spray Paint It Was Totally Pristine The Water Stayed At The Same Level Year Round About 7′ Deep A The Place Where You Dive In You Could See The White Sand At The Bottom Then About 4 Years Later They Took Out The Tower Because All The Shits From The Valley Started To Paint The Rocks And Break Wine Bottles So The People From Tujunga Started Kicking Ass And Breaking Into The Valley Shits Cars The Dumb Shits Would Leave Their Wallets In The Cars I’m Proud To Say Me And My Brothers Got A Lot Of Money,Car Stereos And Fucked Up A Shit Load Of Cars. RIP WILLY.

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      a little punctuation and grammar correction would help this post a lot!

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        Lol this was a fun hike

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