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Jim Morrison Cave Due for Closure

The local urban and hip spot known as the “Jim Morrison Cave” or more more commonly known as the Corral Canyon Cave is due for Closure. Modern Hiker released a blog yesterday entailing the closure of the cave. The city has governed that all violators will be cited upon trying to enter the cave. How can they close our natural areas? For your own safety and the safety of your wallet, please do not try and enter the cave after the date May 2, 2016.

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Photo by Modern Hiker.


IMG_6047 The reasons for closing the cave are due to vandals and graffiti artists spray painting the caves. If you do plan on visiting do it soon, here are some photos of the trail and the cave.


Trail to the cave.


The lesson to be learned here is when there is an over abuse of location by vandals seen as a “cool” or “hip” spot, trash and graffiti follow. The state park does have the authority to shut down certain trails when they become active like this. Please be safe on the trails and respect the natural formations, lets hope this doesn’t happen again soon.


    • Big Mike on 05/02/2016 at 08:51


    Let me get this right LA City, you didnt have the resourses to CITE people tagging and ruining a land mark but now you have found funds to cite those that tresspass?! Great priorities! Stop thinking backwards.

    • Hal on 05/07/2016 at 11:12


    Understandable response, Big Mike. But wrong, for ## reasons:

    –far easier to prohibit access and close an entrance than to catch taggers in the act.
    –if access is prohibited, then this is a message to all would-be taggers: stay out
    –55 homes burned in that canyon about 7 years ago, when a fire in the caves got out of control.
    –the caves attracted smokers and folks who lit campfires
    –the few always spoil it for the many, and the caves were spoiled when the painting began
    –the great majority of visitors would prefer to see the area it its natural state

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