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Hit The Trails At Point Dume

The edge of Point Dume is a beautiful piece of land protected by the natural preserve and is the southern most tip of Malibu. The views allow sight of the stretching Pacific Coast Highway and miles of some of the best beach coastline around Malibu. The trails are many and interwoven, not very steep and fairly short. There is no direct path to hike here, but the many trails and sights will have you exploring much of this place, all the way from the cliff-face down to the beaches.

Hike Stats:

Distance: 1.5 miles

Time: 2 hours (or more if you hang around)

Difficulty: Easy

Elevation Gain: 200 ft
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Dogs Allowed?: No, Dogs are not allowed on the trails or beach.

Parking Info and Address found at bottom


During this time of year the yellow wildflowers can be seen blooming across the landscape. At first sight we walked our way towards the peak you see in the photo. It was a sunny day, but the coastal winds made it very comfortable.


A walk towards the peak.


Much of this landscape is a beautiful yellow. Occasionally along the path there are posts that can inform you about the natural history of the area and mention a lot about the Chumash, the first peoples to inhabit this area.


From this point we looked behind us and saw a couple having a picnic, while overlooking Dume Cove. The path you see in the photo can be traced down and meets the beach.


Pirates Cove Beach

On the other side of the hill/peak that was in the first photo are some spectacular views of PCH and the rocky coastline. Take the thick trail up the side of the hill and there will be views like this.


Sun setting along the rocky coastline.


Along the other side of the coast.

Around this side of Point Dume is an array of trail that lead to overlooking cliffs along the peak. The most enjoyable part of the hike, but overall this place is beautiful. The views are fantastic and having the beach so close just makes it better. Recommend a visit soon, while the flowers are blooming. The intense summer heat will also make this an enjoyable beach location.


Hiking down.



Sycamores and Sunsets.

Parking Info and Address: 

Okay so the parking here is tough. The state park only have about 10 parking spots available for 2 hours use. On this visit we were circling around looking for residential street parking, which required some walking. If you’re lucky you won’t need to do this and may be able to grab a spot. Here’s what the parking looks like:


Surfers and residential parking.

Highly recommend parking here, even if there’s a walk. Here’s the address you can put into Google Maps:

7120 Grasswood Ave, Malibu, CA

Walk towards the beach (the opposite way these surfers are walking) and then hang a left on the main road and you’re headed to Point Dume. Enjoy!

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