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Hike to Rocky Peak

What’s Important:

Slippery Slopes due to loose rock and eroded trail

Chance of Rattle snake encounters (be weary)


Hike Stats:

Distance: 5 miles

Difficulty: 5/10

Time: 2.5 hours

Elevation Gain: 1100ft

Dog Friendly: Yes


Parking and Address: Plenty of parking on either side of the freeway bridge. Here’s the address: Simi Valley, CA 93063

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Intro: When you hear Rocky Peak, what comes to your mind? If you thought about boulders, great vistas and a high peak, you’re right on the dot. While hiking this path be ready to experience some interesting rock formation and coming across a cave or two. Huge boulders line the path to your left and right, as this hike begins with a quick accent.

Loose Rock and Eroded trail,

Loose Rock and Eroded trail

For the first 5-10 minutes it will only feel like you are only going up and up, but after this initial accent the trail evens out and becomes more manageable. During the rise in elevation you will quickly escape the bustling 118 freeway and gain a great view of Simi Valley.


Although this hike is conveniently located right off a freeway exit, in no time you will find yourself in a different environment as you steadily climb the mountain. At about the 10 minute mark you can find the entrance of two caves (located near each other and on opposite sides).


The first you will find on the path to the right, easy to come across just keep your eyes open. This one is filled with interesting rock formations carved out by the forces of erosion many years ago.


It leads out to the other side, where you can chill for a minute after the quick accent.

The second cave is seconds away from the first cave, but on the left side. It’s a little more out of the way but easy to get to by taking a small trail to the left. You will also see a rock wall built with stones that looks almost like the beginning of a rock igloo.



Not as spectacular as the first cave, but still a sight to behold.

Now as you continue your journey through rocky peak, the trail gets easier, but not for long. As you are enjoying the breathtaking views of both the San Fernando Valley and Simi Valley, you’ll find portions of the trail descending. Take this for granted because the climb will start once again, and just as difficult as the first part. But while you are climbing don’t forget to take notice to the fields of grain and the array of interesting boulders that stand vicariously.


You’ll also come across a dead oak tree that looks like it has been around for ages as the trail bends across it.


Then this is where the trail begins its toughest accent (in my opinion). Be ready to scale up for at least ten minutes as you finally strive for the peak. The views soon become phenomenal, so keep at it. Feel free to catch your breath anywhere along the path and take in the landscape that beholds you.


Before you know it you’ll be at the top and it will feel like the world is under you. You’ll see an array of mountains that compose the valley and much more. A great experience and a great cardio workout, go check it out!


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