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Hike to Eagle Rock

Hike Stats:

Distance: 3 miles

Time: 2-3 hours

Difficulty: Moderately Difficult

Elevation of Eagle Rock: 1,995 feet

What’s Important:

Lately it has been hot, bring water

Bring snacks to the top it’s a great place to chill

Watch out for occasional fire ant nests they will bite!

Parking Info: To park in the park is 10 dollars. Don’t worry there’s plenty of parking on the streets outside of the parking lot. You will see cars lined up on the dirt, before entering the park, this is the free parking.

IMG_20150820_143444 (1)

Exact free parking address is: 20942 Entrada Rd, Topanga

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For the park parking, continue on Entrada and make a right. You’ll see signs.

We encountered this deer in the parking lot:


Introduction: Topanga State Park is one of the most beautiful and enthralling hiking experiences of Los Angeles. You will most likely see some deer on your journey, on our visit this time we saw deer ourselves. During the summer/fall time the trail will be more brownish-gold filled with fields of wheat, while in the winter/spring time you will find the park mostly green and lush.




This time around we took the nature trail to the fire road, the fire road won’t be as scenic of a trail, but you will still find some fantastic views along the way.



The fire road is about 2.2 miles itself and to get to eagle rock is another .6 miles. As you approach Eagle rock it gets closer and closer, you can see it in this next photo way off in the distance. Look towards the center left.

IMG_20150820_152313 (1)




The path to get up to Eagle Rock is steep, but well worth the effort once you get to the top.




Once we made it to the top, the views were beyond phenomenal.



There are small caves like this one to be discovered.


IMG_20150820_155734The view from the top is hard to beat, you can see both the Santa Monica coastline and the San Fernando Valley from the top.





There is so much to see here, enjoy!

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