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Hike Fryman Canyon Park

Miles From Downtown LA: 14

Distance: 3 mile loop (room for extension)

Total Elevation Gain: 463 ft

Difficulty: 4/10

Time: 2 hours

Dog Friendly: Yes

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Parking Address: 3499 Fryman Road

Fryman Canyon Park in studio city has much to offer in terms of great views and clean dog-friendly hiking trails. Parking at the park parking lot used to be $3 but is now free as of November 2014. There are plenty of parking spaces but don’t be surprising if it’s almost full due to the popularity of this hike. The location of Fryman Canyon Park is in proximity to both residents of the San Fernando Valley and those who live over the Hollywood Hills. This hike is an alternative to Runyon Canyon, which is known to become quite overpopulated. If you’re looking for a moderately difficult hike around the Hollywood hills area, Fryman Canyon is that hike.

As you begin to incline this trail you will find yourself gaining a better and better vantage of the San Fernando Valley  and Studio City. You’ll notice as you see yourself passing by the friendly residents of the community. Don’t be shy to say hello when you get the chance and be ready to return some hellos as well.If you’re new to hiking this is a good trail to get your hiking hobby started. If you’re not new to hiking, extend the three mile loop to an even longer 5-6 mile loop by going up to Mollholand drive, then heading back down again.




Along the the trail at about 1.3 miles, you’ll see a path to your right, which leads to a staircase, take this and you’ll run into the Tree People community and landscaping park. Here you will find scenic views and nice picnic areas with a small garden and beautiful architecture. If you brought a snack with you, this would be a great time to relax and enjoy the surrounding atmosphere. After you’re done enjoying the community, head back down and continue on the trail.\


After passing the Tree People community the rest of the hike should be easy going with more declines than inclines. You will find this trail leading into the street after passing a yellow gate. At this point you can decide to hike on the streets back to the parking lot, making this hike a 3 mile loop or continue on the Betty B Dearing trail to make this hike a 5-6 mile loop.


Upon entering the street we continued our hike on the trail, but were unable to find the right direction and headed back down the trail. As we heading back down we were approached by two older men who asked up if we wanted to continue hiking on this trail. We said yes and they explained to find the path it can be very tricky and quite hidden. We decided to hike with them and found them to be very humorous and delightful.

We continued our journey through the trail and entered a section called “The Rainforest”. The path to get into this section was very difficult with a steep incline, but after you pass this area it’s pretty much smooth sailing. The Rainforest consisted of three of four huge trees that were lying on the group knocked down by winds. Creepy enough there is a tree in this area that creaks constantly and especially during windy times. There is a dense canopy in this area that gives it a greater sense of darkness and cools down the ground level.


Continuing on the trail, it has many switchbacks and curves that go in and out of shaded areas. The elevation gain in this area is very flux too. On our journey we saw two old and rusted cars that had unfortunately drove off of Mullholand and ended up in proximity or on the trail.


We then continued with old men on the trail until we wanted to head down the creak side for some more photos. We found this fallen tree with a palm tree along the creek. From what the two guys were saying is, nobody knows how that palm tree got them, its a mystery that has been bugging the local for decades now.


We ended our hike by heading back to the trail then making a right down to the fire road. Under the tree there was this beautiful view and a nice shaded bench to end our journey. We gazed one last time at the Studio City view and headed back down to for the next hiking adventure.



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