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Hike Franklin Canyon Park


Deep in the mountain high tops of Beverly Hills sits Franklin Canyon Park, which contains comfortable shaded trails and great reservoir views. A very easy and kid friendly hike which may include duck and turtle watching at one of the reservoir shores. A 1.4 mile loop can be made from the trails of the park to create a path around the main attraction, the reservoir. Life around the water is lush, shaded and green and will definitely keep you comfortable on a hot summer day.

Park History:

In 1914 William Mulholland and The Department of Water and Power built the Upper Franklin Canyon Reservoir. In the 1930’s this canyon was frequently being used for filming movies and television series. The opening scene of “The Andy Griffith Show” was shot on the trails of the park as well as being used to film the Nickelodeon series “Salute Your Shorts”. Then during the 1970’s the canyon was threatened with housing developments. In response to these threatening developments, conservationist Sooky Goldman and Congressman Howard Berman got together and created the Franklin Canyon Park, which spared the canyon.

Hike Stats:

Miles: 1.4

Elevation Gain: 100ft

Time: 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy

Dog Friendly: Yes on leash

Season: All

Shaded: Mostly

Parking and Trailhead Info:

Parking for this hike is in a large dirt lot after the infamous ticketed stop sign. If you run this stop sign, you will unfortunately get a hefty fine in the mail two weeks later. Parking for the hike is an immediate left after this stop sign.

If you get confused at first as where to park, circle the reservoir via the road and you will spot the parking lot.

Parking Address: 2600 Franklin Canyon Drive


Photo of the parking space, no fee required.

Trail Write-Up:

Although the 1.4 mile loop is what is suggested, we admit we got a bit lost and somewhat lazy to follow the path. Our route is not an intended path to follow, just some wandering around the park, we still had a great time enjoying the scenery of the lake. When we parked we took a look at this signage:


After examining the sign for a bit, but not wanted to confuse the journey we head off southward towards some picnic areas. After crossing the road we stumped on this nice shaded oak path that led to a huge Redwood tree.


Beautiful Oaks.



Continuing on this path, the first view of the Franklin Canyon Lake comes into view.


This path we took ended with the Lake Overlook shorty after, so we decided to double back and check out the trails on the other side of the lake.


Doubling back, there are some very nice spots to start a picnic.

As we hiked back the gently graded path, a small but unofficial trail tot he left came into view. In a spontaneous effort we took the trail that led us to the back of the Franklin Canyon Reservoir building. Not sure if this is a legal path, but it led us to the other side of the lake without hiking on the road.


Behind the reservoir building.

As we continued the hike, we found a perfect small path to the right which led perfectly around the lake. The water appears as we could hear nearby ducks.


A small tree oasis.

Hiking down this path, another scenic view of the lake comes into play.


Lastly we found this bench, which was our last resting stop. The ducks and turtles came up to us like they were ready for some handouts. They swam up and kept us company, looks like these animals have a craving for human food!


Restful bench.


I like Turtles

After we rested for a bit, we ended the hike here and headed back to the car. If you do decide to do the 1.4 mile loop around the lake, you will end up where you started, but please pay attention to the trails and good luck!

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