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Hike Dixie Canyon Park

Synopsis: When I heard of a hike located in the heart of Sherman Oaks, I was skeptical. A hike in a highly urban environment? Seems unlikely. But little Dixie Canyon is a small canyon near Fryman Canyon which offers a bit of an escape from the feeling of congested LA. This very short hike offers some beautiful oak lined paths that scale up and down the small canyon. With the whole hike being under a mile you might be looking for more, you can hit up nearby Fryman Canyon or just hike the trail of Dixie Canyon multiple times.

Hike Stats:

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 20 minutes

Elevation Gain/Loss: 200 ft.

Distance: 0.8 mile loop

Dogs Allowed?: Yes

Parking Info and Address:

Parking Fee: None

Parking availability: Limited

No Photo to show availability of parking. Parking area is a narrow street where the residents of Dixie Canyon Place live. Few available parking spots closer to the trailhead.

To get to the park you can type in “Dixie Canyon Park” in your navigation GPS or use the address: 3510 Dixie Canyon Pl

Trailhead Location:

The start of the trailhead can be found at the top of the Dixie Canyon St:


Trail Write-up:

This won’t be much of a report. It’s really just a simple trail that follows the graded canyon and loops back around. Very little directions need to be taken. As we headed up the street the stairs to the hike greeted us.

The trail starts slightly inclined, but keeps it easy. About 5 minutes in the incline is a little more harsh, but nothing to worry about. I can see myself hiking this path multiple times for a good aerobic exercise.


A shaky photo.

At the canyon floor there is a nice little bridge, a place to hang out and have lunch. This time we decided a photo shoot was appropriate.



The greenery really stood out on this hike. Even though we were in the middle of summer, the lushness of the canyon still blossomed.


Hiking up the Canyon.

As the last bend of the canyon showed up, we decided to hike it again. This really is a very short hike, but can be seen as a little gem in the heart of Sherman Oaks. If I was a local near this hike, I see coming here as a little escape. Hikes aren’t always meant to be amazing, but they tend to have their quaint uniqueness to them. Hike the canyon as many times as you choose, the vibes are worth it.


There’s a random wind chime along the bottom of the canyon trail, maybe you can find it?





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