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Hike Grimes Canyon Rd.

Due to the rising popularity of this road on Instagram, Grimes Canyon in Ventura County is quickly becoming one of the most photographed roads in so-cal. A mini 10 minute hike will bring you up the side of a hill for a perfect shot of this scenic curvy road. Any type of shoes will work for this mini-hike as it will be over before you know it. Pick a spot along the hillside to capture the road.

Where to Park and hike:


Park on the dirt at this address: 8884 Grimes Canyon Rd.

Or use these coordinates: 34.341194, -118.904784

After Parking look behind you and you will see a footpath carved out by other photographers. Take this path up the hill, it’s easy to navigate, if a little steep.


Pick a spot alongside the hill to get some shots.


That’s literally all there is to it. A simple spot with some fantastic rewards. Preferably a cloudy or sunset would be nice to shoot. We woke up at 8 am and came here, the sun was still peaking over the hill behind us.


Different Angles.

You could sit here for hours shooting cars as they pass, chill out and enjoy the views! Enjoy.

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