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From Caballero Canyon to Eagle Rock via Dirt Mulholland

The day was Mon December 21st, 1pm. At first the clouds pleasantly covered the sky, providing some much needed shade from the harsh sunlight. The light from the sun spotted across the landscape and highlighted some parts of the hike, while other parts were hidden by the darkening sky.  An hour went by and the clouds still stirred, slowly encompassing the full diameter of the sun in every direction. Now at 3pm all that could be seen was some second-hand sunlight lighting the way, but this only made the walk more enticing. Half an hour later there was a thick mist that could be felt over the exposed skin, it dampened our clothing. Finally at 4 as we reached our destination, a small drizzle joined us as we scaled to victory and sabotaged the climb on top of Eagle Rock. Luckily there was shelter in a small hollow cave that covered us from the dampness and served as a place to rest. It was 4pm when we had finally reached the destination, but it was getting dark, we still had to make it back, and mountain lions were a real possibility.

Here is the route we took, tracked via GPS:


Hike Stats:

Time: 4 hours

Difficulty: 7/10

Distance: 8 miles (4 miles out and back)

Elevation Gain: 1000 ft

Parking and Info: We begun the accent from parking along Reseda here (street parking):

[mappress mapid=”16″]

The address is: 4040 Reseda blvd, Los Angeles

The designated trail name is Caballero Canyon Trail, this is one of many trails which lead up to dirt Mulholland. When beginning on the trail-head, there are three separate paths with ranging difficulty that can be taken. They will all lead up to Dirt Mullholland. If you’re looking for the easiest path, take the most defined path, which heads strait from the start of the parking area. If you’re looking for a more difficult journey take one of the other two.


Take the path to the right for easiest route.

Along the Caballero Canyon Trail, the accent for the first 5-10 minutes is very easy, but then gradually rises in elevation, becoming a bit strenuous. But there are some nice vegetations to enjoy on the way.


It takes approximately 30 minutes to hike from the beginning of the hike to get to Dirt Mulholland.There is no way to get lost from the main path, its a fairly large dirt road, which will lead you right to Dirt Mulholland.


Getting closer to Mulholland, youll see the telephone poles.


You know you’ll get there when you see the yellow gate.

At this point the hike was getting more creepy, creepy but exciting. When you reach the yellow gate, you will need to turn right if you want to summit Eagle Rock. From this point it is still another 1.5 hours or 3 miles until you reach you re able to reach Eagle Rock.


Next, there will be this sign that showcases the nearest landmarks and how far this point is from all of them.

Although you can take Dirt Mulholland all the way to Eagle Rock, there is a nice cliff canyon hike to check out on the way. You will see sign-age on your left, including a mountain lion sign. Beware of mountain lions they are a real possibility. This trail is a nice escape from the openness of the fire road.


Continue and appreciate this trail for about .4 miles


After exiting this small trail you will end up back on Dirt Mulholland, and will need to take a left to lead to the next landmark. The next landmark that is sought after on this journey is the Hub Junction. It is signified with a large rock formation and is a good resting area for the traveled soul.

From exiting the small canyon trail, it should be about another 30 minutes at most to get to The Hub. There are some steep inclines coming up so get ready for some strenuous activity. Feel free to take a break and soak in the views.


The Hub is in sight.

As you conquered the path so far, a much needed break can be taken here.


Take your time to explore around The Hub and enjoy the views.


At the Hub you are given a map which will lead help lead you to Eagle Rock.


Huge rock formation at The Hub Junction.

From the hub, there is about 30 minutes left of the journey to make it Eagle Rock. Although it has been difficult thus far, keep going there is only a small journey left for a huge reward. Take the most right path from Dirt Mulholland, the same way you came. If you ever need any reference check the map we uploaded towards the beginning of the blog or leave a comment.

Because the map at the Hub Junction should help you, there should be little difficulty finding the correct path. This path will be another uphill climb, but will reward you with the best views of the San Vincente Mountians. Hopefully you’ll get better views than on a day like this one. But still the views were pretty damn good.


It felt like the mountains were morphing into the mist of the clouds and back again.


While you finish up the last stretch, you’ll begin to see the amazing rock formation of Eagle Rock.


Eagle Rock is in sight.

One last incline is all it takes to reach the desired destination, you seek.


At last, you have reached Eagle Rock, which summits at 1,955 feet. Take a much needed rest and drink for the journey back.\


Crouch climbing necessary to scale Eagle Rock.


Sit back and enjoy the views from this cave.

In order to get back you could complete a loop that would lead you back to The Hub Junction. Or you could simply take the way you came and make it an out and back hike. This time around we took the same way back due to time constraints.

Overall this was a difficult hike due to the length and elevation gain, should be a good match for intermediate hikers.

If you have any questions considering this hike please leave a comment. We will get back to you accordingly. Have a good trip and be safe!


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