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Finding The Jim Morrison Cave

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A quick hike in Corral Canyon alongside coastal views will bring you to a cave rumored to be visited by performer Jim Morrison from The Doors. It’s said that Morrison came to this cave for song-writing and inspiration alongside grandiose views. Take the time to visit this iconic and artistic cave in Malibu. Follow this guide to finding the cave.

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Here’s a scribble maps guide, Red P is parking:

IMG_5948Parking Directions: Head west on the Pacific Coast Highway from Santa Monica until you get to Corral Canyon Road, where you will see a 76 gas station. Turn right, right before the gas station and head up corral canyon road for 5 miles. Corral Canyon Road turns into a dirt parking lot.

Google maps parking coordinates: 34.081973, -118.758393

Trail Write-up:

Almost immediately immense sandstone outcroppings signify the beginning of the hike. They perch up from the ground and look almost other-worldly. Continue along the trail to find the cave.

IMG_5952 Next look for a graffiti-covered and rusted water tank to your right. An interesting find, but a more interesting find awaits your arrival.

IMG_5997 The trail quickly opens up past the underbrush and transforms into grand sandstone, where we spent many minutes taking pictures and enjoying the scenery. Scramble past these boulders and you’re close.


Red arrow points to the location of the cave.

In order to find the cave, which is hidden by brushes, look for a huge boulder after the huge sandstone structures. Look for a skinny trail to your left, covered with underbrush, and take this trail. It’s a short 100 yards of a trail to lead into the cave.

Then climb through a skinny path to the cave. This will bring you into the cave.


Climb through this chasm deemed “the birth canal”


A very popular spot on our visit to the cave.

As a extra treat, pass the cave you will see a huge rock spiral for some cool photo options.


Rock spiral and overlooking malibu.


Sunset on the drive down.


    • john on 05/04/2016 at 09:45


    why not take down all these posts about the so-called Jim Morrison pink caves.

    As of May 2, 2016, the cave has been sealed, and the area is now officially off limits.

      • dventura on 05/12/2016 at 14:24
      • Author


      Thanks John, I have now added a news ticker displaying that it has been closed. I ma going to keep this post up, if anyone wants to see photos of the trail.

    • Brian on 05/06/2016 at 10:19


    How can people call graffiti art. It’s vandalism period.

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