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Explore the Norco Powerhouse

Away from Los Angeles in the horse town of Norco CA., sits a huge abandoned powerhouse built in 1892. Interesting enough when you look inside of the building you will see many holes through the tin roof of the structure. This was caused by locals deciding to shoot to the ceiling with their shotguns. Vandals like to hang out here and graffiti, but they’re cool.

The Pumpkin Rock is near here too.

Getting to the Powerhouse:

After you park off the slanted street signs of Viceroy and Pinto, make a left and walk on Pinto for about a minute.

After a minute on your right should be a huge horse trail that cuts behind some houses next to metal fencing.


From here it’s a straight shot to the powerhouse. Walk this dirt path for about .2 miles to reach the powerhouse.


Continue walking up the dirt embankment to find the path overlooking a valley with many trees. It is here where you will sight the powerhouse.



Powerhouse sighted.

After the small hike you will be able to notice the damage this building took over the years. The fact that it is still standing after being a century old is a testament to how good the construction of this building was. It’s also very lucky that the city hasn’t decided to bulldoze the hell out of it yet.


Enter the building.

The ceiling of this building is something else. The “galaxy effect” is created by locals who have come and shot their shotguns up at the ceiling. There are literally hundreds of holes in the tin roof where the sun shines on through.


There’s also a second floor to hang out at. You can climb the ladder seen in the next photo.



Peering through the arched window on the second floor.


Parking address and coordinates:

Parking address is as follows: 5000 Viceroy Avenue, Norco, California 92860

Parking Coordinates: 33.954253, -117.524325

After parking follow the directions titled “Getting to the Powerhouse”.

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