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Explore the Cave of Munits

Hike Description: This hike will lead you to a massive chimney cave located in West Hills. Legend tells of a Chumash shaman lived in the cave until his demise from murdering the tribe leader’s son. The cave is about 40 feet high in some places and requires some rock scrambling to enter the main cavern. Additional climbing can enable hikers to gain a fantastic view from the top of El escorpion park. Highly recommended.

Hike Stats: 

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

Distance: 2.5 miles (with room for extension)

Time: 2 hours

Elevation Gain: 720ft

Whats Important:

Watch for slipping and loose rocks

Well maintained trail

Opportunity for shaded hike, while sticking to the trail on the right

Parking Address:

The address to the start of the trail head is 6800 sunset ridge ct Los Angeles.

You’ll see a closed yellow gate, which you climb under.

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Introduction: In the beginning of this trail, you will find a yellow gate and an opening to the left of this gate. Keep to the right of the trail, soon you will see an opportunity to take a shaded trail. This trail is slimmer but more exciting and filled with more greenery.


The beginning to middle of the trail is easy, not very steep and can be accomplished by starter hikers. During the summer, the hills of these trails are very golden-brownish, during the spring they are  beautiful green. When you exit out of the foliage of the overgrown trail, you will see a slit opening in the side of the mountain to the right. Keep following the trail as it enters the cave.


In the accent right before the cave is where the trial becomes much more difficult. Here you will experience loose rocks and dirt, slipping is likely. A moderate rock scrambling is needed in order to enter the cave, don’t worry there are many footholds and areas suitable for grabs.


As you enter the cave, its likely you will become enthralled by the vastness of the cave. This huge chimney like cave is a rare sight in the valley, enjoy the atmosphere it creates.



Exit through the cave by traveling up and out and be rewarded with amazing views. Take the path you came back in order to complete your out-and-back hike.


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