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Explore The Big Tujunga Tunnel

Hike Description:

200-feet of tunnel runs through both sides of the mountain leading to Ybarra canyon, a canyon inside the Angeles National Forest off Big Tujunga Canyon Rd. The tunnel is at least 20 feet tall in the entrance and has a great cascading view of the trees below. The hike is easy but unmaintained, crossing over a log or two is required. In the tunnel, old ore cart tracks line the distance of the tunnel and lead to the other side. A short hike from the Wildwood Canyon Picnic Area to a creepy and largely unknown tunnel.

Parking Directions and GPS Map at the end of the blog.

Hike Stats:

Distance: 1 mile (total)

Elevation Gain: ~50 ft.

Time: 30 – 45 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Shaded: Mostly

Dogs Allowed: Yes, but you might have to pick them up in some places.

Trail Directions:

Starting from the parking area, locate the Wildwood Picnic Area sign.


You can find the start of the trail located just past the Wildwood sign and next to the blue street sign named “Doeske Rd.”


The trail appears right next to the sign, take this trail in, but continue strait as the trail splits once or twice.

The surroundings of the trail changes constantly from shaded bunches to an exposed riverbed of sand. Even as it may seem confusing seeing multiple paths, continue in the general direction away from the parking lot as all the trails conjoin to form the right way.


You’ll know you’re on the right path when you see this rock graffiti about 5 minutes into the hike.


After the rock graffiti, continue along the trail until it runs along the Big Tujunga Creek, a year round flowing creek.


Crossing over big Tujunga creek in losing light.

This part is muddy but can easily be avoided by doing some rock and log hopping across. The tunnel is very close and will be on your right, look for an opening through the trees. Lastly, you will come across this shaded rainforest looking area. After this area, the hike opens up and the canyon walls can be viewed.

Look in-between the stalky trees to the right and the tunnel can be seen.


Hike through the trees and scramble up the rocks to gain the view from inside the tunnel.


Looking out from the entrance.

The tunnel is about 200 feet long and continues to the other side of the mountain right under the Big Tujunga Canyon Rd.


The other side.

Enjoy this amazing spot with some friends, take photos and continue the hike through the other side of the tunnel if you so choose. Head back the same way you came to find your car.

Parking Directions and GPS Map:

Parking Address is: 2440 Stonyvale Rd, Tujunga, CA 91042 

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    • Francisco Cabral Jr on 06/18/2017 at 21:14


    very interesting hike throught the slums of tujunga . the barrio

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