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Explore Santa Susana Pass

Some History: Santa Susana Pass is a state park rich is history and natural beauty. This park houses the location to the now burned down Spahn Ranch, which was used in many western films and movies including The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers and Bonanza episodes. Unfortunately the 500-acre ranch burned down in a wildfire in 1970. None of it remains.

The Stagecoach road used to be a trail used by the Native Americans to move animals and pass through these mountains. Later on, after European contact, this trail was used to ride through the mountains on wagons to transport goods and people.

California Native Americans used these hills as hunting grounds and living quarters for many years. Three native groups lived here before European contact. The Chumash to the west, Tongva to the east and lastly a Native American group called Tataviam. But, these groups soon died out due to European arrival, which brought upon the introduction diseases like smallpox and measles, from which they had no resistance to.

Hike Stats:

Distance: 4 miles (out and back)

Difficulty: 4/10

Elevation Gain: 600 ft

Dogs?: No

Parking and Trail-head Address: You’ll find the trail head very noticeable, with plenty of street parking. Here’s a map of where to park:

[mappress mapid=”14″]

The address to park is 9827 Andora Ave Los Angeles
IMG_0236This trail begins with a large opening and wide path showing the way. You’ll begin by passing under some shaded trees.


As you pass through the shaded trees, your field of view will open up immensely and be immersed with some nice views of the area.

In the first 5 minutes of the hike you’ll find this very old and rusted truck to your right. Check it out, would love to know the story behind this one.


The incline will start to get a bit heavy starting at the first mile of the hike, but will give you some killer views keeping on.


There is so much potential for photography in these mountains, among the different boulders, caves and views theres so much to shoot. If you’re into landscapes and natural photography this valley hike is great.



On this hike we took some off trails from the main path, which led to some very cool spots.



Stagecoach Road is the main trail with many different path branching off from it. For a steady hike follow this road for 2 miles, then turn back. For a more adventurous take on things, take one of the many paths which you will find in order to experience these mountains fully. Any path you take will lead you to stunning rock formations and paths very enjoyable to the eye.


Decide to visit here and you’ll find yourself getting enjoyably lost in the landscapes and refreshing atmosphere. Boulders, caves and trails are waiting to be explored so get out of your comfort zone and get out there.

IMG_0293Head over when you have the chance, there’s so much to be seen.

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