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Conquer Stoney Point

Hike Stats:

Difficulty: 2-6/10 (Variable depending on route)

Distance to top: .5 miles

Time to top: 20mins – 1 hour (Variable depending on route)

Dog Friendly: Yes


1. Broken glass is frequent, be careful

2. Graffiti and graffiti art on some rocks

3. You choose your own route, several routes available

Public Transportation:

The 150/240 metro bus takes you up to Stoney Point and drops you right by the beginning of the trail.

Parking and Address:

Parking is very open, but along the busy street of Topanga on the right side of the road heading north.

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Parking Address: Near 11000 Topanga Canyon Blvd

(Parking Image Below)



Huge boulders sit like pizza toppings on the iconic site called Stoney Point. Every angle of Stoney Point can be explored, creating an endless stream of excitement for adventure seekers. There are at least a dozen routes to get to the top, some more difficult than others so choose wisely. Rock caves, hallow passages and stunning vistas await your arrival. Get out there today and conquer one of the most popular places for climbers and hikers alike.



This site is famous for it’s history with rock climbers. Stoney Point served as the upbringing for many big names in the rock climbing fantasia. It still is known as one of the best beginner to intermediate courses for climbers. Wherever you look, climbers share their fascination with Stoney Point.

This site also serves as an important landmark on maps and in creating the railroad that runs right beside it.


Begin your journey from the parking lot. From here you can either walk up the sidewalk on Topanga and take the upper path or take the path closer to the ranches below. Whichever general direction you choose, you will be rewarded with stunning views of the valley. Expect many different paths to take when beginning to traverse Stoney Point. Also expect steep climbs and scaling small boulders that will grind on your lower body.


I’d call this hike a mixture of small-time rock climbing and hiking. If you find yourself in a tricky uphill climb, no fear, divert your path and choose a way that is more suitable to you.Take your time with the climb, theres plenty to enjoy and see. Many people miss both the different routes and the neat rock caves, which you can find with a little sense of exploration.


Stoney Point is not the longest climb to the top, but theres plenty to explore here. On a comfortable day its easy to spend two hours figuring out the different angles and paths this location offers. But, once you’re at the top, enjoy the vast view of the San Fernando Valley.




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