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The Manson Family Cave and Spahn Ranch

The year was 1969 when Charles Manson and his occultist family lived out in the hidden hills of Chatsworth. They lived on a property called Spahn Ranch and hung around the nearby Manson Family Cave. This ominous trail was hiked by the family many times before and during they committed their cult murders. Today, the unnamed trail […]


The Most Creepy and Haunted Los Angeles Hikes

From strange history to cultist activity in our mountains, these hikes have been the setting of some seriously creepy happenings. Scare your friends with these seriously creepy spots. The history that happened around these locations are real. The photos below will show you what you are in store for. Tap the images to be directed to the […]


Explore The Big Tujunga Tunnel

Hike Description: 200-feet of tunnel runs through both sides of the mountain leading to Ybarra canyon, a canyon inside the Angeles National Forest off Big Tujunga Canyon Rd. The tunnel is at least 20 feet tall in the entrance and has a great cascading view of the trees below. The hike is easy but unmaintained, crossing over a […]


The Enchanted Forest of Pasadena

Reportedly haunted and very dreary, the canyon next to the popular Echo Mountain hike is rarely visited. The trail, an old passage of what the water tunnel workers took back in the day is both unmaintained and disappearing throughout the years. To get to the Enchanted Forest one has to pass by the old Cobb Estate, […]


Monkey Canyon – Angeles National Forest

Let me first get this stated, this is not an easy hike but watching the YouTube video and reading this page will get you prepared. The parking is on a dirt road and the trailhead is across the street, not easy to miss, look for the metal post. Overall, this hike is very fun in any season, but […]


The Pumpkin Rock

The Perfect October Hike is just over an hour away from Los Angeles. This festive rock in Norco CA, is a short hike with a big reward. If this hike is too far, make it more worth it by also checking out the abandoned Norco Powerhouse. This giant pumpkin, well known to the locals, can be seen from miles away […]


Hike To The Grotto

Deep in the Santa Monica Mountains the grotto is a fun but short hike to an amazing boulder-filled canyon where an elliptical cave sits. A stream in these mountains called the west-fork of the Arroyo Sequit filters into the grotto creating a shrine-like pool of water at The Grotto’s entrance. A short 3 mile hike […]


Trails of Chatsworth Park, Train Tunnel #2

Behind Chatsworth Park is Santa Susana Mountains, a series of hiking trails exists here. An occasional train can be heard and seen crossing under Tunnel #2 near the park. The graffiti highlights the decay over the years and creates a haunting presence. A suitable haunting presence where a few previous deaths occurred in and around the tunnel. In […]


5 Shaded Canyon Hikes in LA

3 min read – Above photo from Newton Canyon (spring time) Los Angeles, known for its heat, also boasts some amazing canyons which keep cool all year round. These are mostly shaded hikes completely covered with a dense layer of canopy at the canyon floor. As a bonus, these year-round comfortable canyons can have some […]


Devil Gulch Falls on the Bridge To Nowhere Hike

The Bridge To Nowhere is LA’s most famed hiking treasure in the San Gabriel Mountains. Hiking to the bridge is a lengthy, but rewarding journey of 10 miles (5 miles to the bridge and back) through some of the most amazing scenery and riveting canyons of the Angeles National Forest. Along the East Fork River, which accompanies your […]