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Hiking Brown Mountain Dam Waterfall in Pasadena

Hike to the Brown Mountain Dam which sits in the middle of the Arroyo Seco River. About three miles upstream from the river is where this dam is located and the massive waterfall it creates. This structure was built in the 1940’s as part of a US Forest Watershed Project, but it’s unfortunate that the result […]

Trip Report: Red Rock Canyon State Park (Topanga)

In the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains Red Rock Canyon State park sticks out like a gem with the red tinted rocks and geological features of the park. The hidden red rock arch (above) can be found by exploring the many trails which split off from the main fire road. Take the fire road […]

5 Must See Seasonal LA Waterfalls

Los Angeles, a city not normally praised for it’s natural wonders actually pulls off with some surprisingly scenic waterfall locations. We are lucky to have received plenty of rain this 2017 season and because of that all the seasonal waterfalls have shown themselves. Make sure to visit these falls no later than late May to insure […]

Escondido Falls is back after years of California Drought

After years of crippling drought, Escondido Falls, a 200-foot Malibu waterfall is flowing again due to the influx of rainy weather. Throughout the drought years of it was almost impossible to find a full flowing waterfall near Los Angeles. Escondido Falls was one of those hikes where you see photos of as a beautiful cascade of […]

Hike Trail Canyon Falls in The San Gabriel Mountains

Located on the west end of the San Gabriel Mountain Range, Trail Canyon tends to surprise visitors with its gorgeous 40-foot cascading falls. Trail Canyon Falls is one of Los Angeles’ most scenic waterfalls and for good reason, the beautiful half-circle cutout of granite cut by the water over the years makes for some spectacular photos. […]

Hiking Elsmere Canyon Waterfall

Elmsmere Canyon Falls, a seasonal So-cal waterfall can only be found after plentiful rains. If you end up looking for these falls as late as March, you may find a trickle over the rock wall. It won’t be as impressive as the photos below, so I urge you to check these out soon after this […]

Hike Las Llajas Canyon to The Abandoned Coquina Mine – Simi Valley

Las Llajas Canyon in Simi Valley is a secluded canyon above the 118 freeway bordering a community estate. A trail leading from Las Llajas canyon can be taken towards the ruins and remnants of a mining operation named the Coquina Mine. The main attraction is a massive steam shovel, with huge army-style treads as wheels […]

Explore the Norco Powerhouse

Away from Los Angeles in the horse town of Norco CA., sits a huge abandoned powerhouse built in 1892. Interesting enough when you look inside of the building you will see many holes through the tin roof of the structure. This was caused by locals deciding to shoot to the ceiling with their shotguns. Vandals […]

Hike To The Big Horn Mine

The Big Horn Mine, once a living and working quarters for the miners who tenaciously worked hard to extract gold from the hillside. This mine, named after the Big Horn Sheep that roam these parts is by far the largest mine in the LA County. In 1895 it was discovered by a man named “Tom” Vincent […]